mySugr app

One of the most popular diabetes management apps

  • More than 3 million registered users
  • Automated data integration of leading BG meters (e.g. Accu-Chek® Guide), CGM and activity data from cloud-based integrations Apple Health (Dexcom G5/G6) and Google Fit (steps)
  • mySugr Bolus Calculator
  • Comprehensive reports to share from the mySugr app with HCPs
  • New integrations:
    • RocheDiabetes Care Platform: integration of BG values, carb information, CGM and insulin data into RocheDiabetes Care Platform
    • Smart insulin pen integration: integration of insulin data from the NovoPen® 6 and NovoPen Echo® Plus into the mySugr Logbook
    • mySugr Pump Control: the Accu-Chek Insight is the first insulin pump to be controlled and viewed via the mySugr app